Richard  Michaud

Richard Michaud

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First Name * Richard
Last Name * Michaud
Username * richardmichaud
Country * United States
City Pittsburgh
Nationality American
Languages English



Availability: student


Richard Michaud is a student/freelance artist who is now studying to get a B.S. in Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He currently holds an A.A. in Visual Communications/Graphic Design from Gibbs College.

In 2004, he did freelance work for clients such as The American Comedy Network, Alcone Marketing, Claudia Moreno-Toscane, and many others. Since then, his main goal, though late in his life, has been to gain as much experience as he can and not for popularity or fame.

Until this day, Richard still is searching for the meaning of what it is to be an artist. In this day and age, he stands alone in this field and doesn't like to be or follow in the popular crowd.


• Photoshop CS2
• Painter IX
• Illustrator CS2
• 3D Studio Max 8.0
• Cinema 4D CE 6
• UnrealED (2.0, 3.0)

• Conceptual Design/Illustration
• Graphic Design
• Level Design


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